Yeru Health & Wellness

Yeru Bon Center has developed an Integrated Health and Wellness Program that brings centuries-old Tibetan spiritual and healing techniques to the modern world.

This program does not use drugs or other substances. It is not a medical treatment. Instead, it is a set of techniques, based on traditional Tibetan spiritual and philosophical principles, to heal and strengthen the mind-body-spirit complex in each of us.



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The Yeru Integrated Health and Wellness Program

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Tibetan spiritual and healing techniques that help people suffering from serious trauma, illness, pain, stress, or other life-altering events, through:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress Reduction
  • Pain Management 
  • Techniques for Self-Empowerment
  • Finding New Meaning and Purpose For Your Life
  • Life Coaching
  • Thought Paradigms to Increase Self-Esteem

How Does It Work?

The Yeru Integrated Health and Wellness Program fuses the principles of the ancient Tibetan Bon spiritual tradition with Western science and psychology to create powerful tools for self-transformation.

YIHWP combines Tibetan-based meditation, visualization, breathing with modern Western techniques, to create powerful techniques to heal and strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection.  These techniques do not require any particular religious or spiritual beliefs; they can be used by anyone.  Through this program, people can develop new thought paradigms and new self-esteem, and a new direction and purpose in life. 

The Yeru Integrated Health and Wellness Program is designed to work together with physicians, mental health professionals and other health care givers.  This program teaches and encourages people to re-evaluate their current circumstances, have a positive mental attitude, and use their circumstances as a tool for self-healing and self-improvement.


What makes the Yeru Integrated Health and Wellness Program Unique?

The Tibetan Bon tradition understands that the connection of mind, body and spirit represent a powerful natural healing system, equipped with tremendous possibilities to respond to even the most difficult conditions. Our bodies are able to identify and efficiently eliminate toxins, germs and even cancer cells on a daily basis. Our minds can adapt and learn from new demands and challenges, and move us beyond our perceived limitations. Our inner wisdom provides us with resources of strength and compassion. Connecting with our inner wisdom spirit is natural, and doesn’t require a religious or spiritual belief.

While we all have this potential inherent in us, most people are not aware of how to access and utilize our potential. The Yeru Health and Wellness Program fuses the ancient Tibetan spiritual tradition with modern science, to bring techniques to access our potential and use it for our own self-improvement and the improvement of others.