Expanding Inner Space

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Yeru Bön Center and Yeru Health and Wellness’s

Expanding Inner Space

Destination Spiritual Wellness Retreat

October 3 – 9, 2021

This past year has been challenging for all of us in many ways. The Pandemic and resulting economic and social disruption has caused increased stress in all areas of our life: work, family, relationships, social life and psychological well-being.

In addition, our life in the modern world has created new challenges for our health as we deal with disruptions in our natural sleep and wake cycles, nutritionally depleted food supply, social isolation, and an increasingly toxic environment.

The high stress environment makes us shut down, tense up, and lose our connections with our world and others around us. We need to reverse this, open up, and create inner space for health, love, joy and sharing.
Yeru Health and Wellness is offering a unique retreat that will apply the ancient wisdom of the Tibetan Bön tradition to challenges of modern life.

This retreat will teach us how to relax and expand our inner space, by Identifying and working with our five poisons – anger, attachment, ignorance, jealousy, and pride – and the wisdom of the five elements. By expanding our inner space, we will find the freedom, joy, flexibility, and energy to allow for better balance in our physical and emotional health. This will allow us to let go of old patterns of thought and behavior and be open to adopting new ways to cope with the challenges of being in the world.

This retreat will also provide valuable advice in optimizing health based on new research in integrative and functional medicine.

This work will be supported by being immersed in a beautiful natural setting – the sparkling blue waters and expansive skies of the Caribbean Ocean.

In 2018, Yeru Bön Center established Yeru Health and Wellness under the guidance of Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche for the purpose of helping students to apply what they learn from their spiritual teachings, meditation into their daily lives.

Yeru Health and Wellness has become proficient with helping students to replace internal negative feelings and replace them with positive wisdom. Like dusting and cleaning your mind, body and spirit for positive help as they are on their spiritual path.

We invite you to an amazing experience that falls into the category of Self Care. A destination Retreat bring together healing knowledge and a bit of a vacation with like-minded spiritual practitioners.

Everyone, Bön practitioners and non-Bön practitioners, is welcome to join in on this experience.

How does this work:
The moment you register for this retreat, you will receive:

  1. A chat room link for you to leave questions and messages to share with everyone participating. Inside the chat room, you can talk about travel plans, shared driving to Florida and transportation from the airport to the cruise ship.
  2. You will find the latest information about required covid testing, if still needed
  3. CDC information requirements by the Cruise company to keep everyone safe.
  4. As we get closer to the date of October 3, you will receive the final schedule and any information regarding the teachings.

While on the cruise ship:

  1. We have reserved an area within the dining room. We requested the first dinner time slot.
  2. On cruise days, (Non-Port Days) we will meet in our meeting room.
  3. As part of the Mind, Body and Spirit, we will offer Yoga, Tsa Lung or QiGone daily.
  4. We will have a cruise director helping to organize different events and to be sure you are included if you would like. For example: Broadway show, musical. Port Activities. You are not required to join as a group, but if you would like, you have the options to be a part of several activities for our group.

What’s included in your Retreat Fee:

  1. Retreat/workshop, meals, entertainment, activities, port fees, taxes.
  2. Two post retreat zoom sessions with Bernadette and or Deborah
  3. Zoom session or recorded sessions (if internet is not convenient) with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche during the cruise workshop sessions.
  4. Materials for the workshops
  5. Group activities and private time for contemplation
  6. Participate in all the amazing ship activities, Broadway shows, musicals and more.
  7. An enjoyable, beautiful and memorable time. You are going to come out of this retreat feeling inspired, connected with yourself Mind, Body and Spirit.

Cruise Ship:  Independence Of The Seas  ~  Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship


Feel free to bring your significant other to join you.   They do not have to participate in the retreat, you will have time to enjoy your adventure with them.  They just cover their share of the cabin/room/cruise. 

Each cabin room will receive $100 Onboard Credit to use while on the cruise. 

Cabin fees are based on double occupancy.   

If you would like to share a room with 3-4 guests, this can be arranged.  

Initial Deposit of $250.00 must be done by March 29th to keep these fees rates.  Final Payment/Balance due June 25th, 2021.

What’s not included in your fee: 

  • Your Travel expenses to the port of Miami
  • Covid Test – required to board the ship  –  We will have more information on this.
  • Covid Test if you are traveling internationally – check what is required to travel to the US and your return. 


If you need to cancel this destination retreat, you can, but there will be some fees involved: 

Cancellation Fees: 

$35 per person Cancel Fee plus the following: 

25%  89-75 days prior to sailing

50% 74-61 days  prior to sailing

75% 60-31 Days  prior to sailing

100% 30-0 days prior to sailing.  

If the Cruiseline cancels the trip because of Covid restrictions, they will refund 100% or credit you 125% for a reschedule.   


The CDC has imposed very strict guidelines for all cruise ships, making it very safe to travel.   New Heppa filtrations, the ship will be half capacity, hand washing stations, dining room capacity and how they manage food preparations.     

We will need to have a Negative Covid test before boarding the ship. The staff on the ship are tested repeatedly and require a vaccine to work on the ship.   

We contacted the CDC and they confirmed the ships have done an amazing job, and they will not be allowed to sail until the ships have been inspected.   But they expect the ships will sail by the end of summer, for sure the beginning of all.   

What you will need:   

Passport or passport card for travel outside of the US.

Negative Covid Test prior to boarding the ship.   A lot can change by October, for now, the ship will give us information where testing can be done within the Port Of Miami.   

Why Take This Retreat: 

Combining a mind, body, spirit retreat with a vacation is perfect.   Studies have shown this form of a self-care retreat will improve your health; you will be calmer, happier.  You will be more productive.  Clearer and focused in your choices, relaxed.  

This retreat is perfect for Bön practitioners and non Bön practitioners.  

Our teaching Team, for this retreat: 

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche. Founder of Yeru Bön Center is Yeru Health and Wellness’s spiritual guidance.  He has worked in producing a program that infuses Western and Yungdrung Bön Tibetan Medicine and theology.  He has co-written this retreat to be an inspiration and healing experience for everyone attending.   Rinpoche will not be on board this cruise ship, but during the course being taught, you will see pre-recording talks and guidance.  If zoom is possible on board ship, then this is the plan. 

Bernadette Clevenger. Bernadette Clevenger has been a student of Bön for 6 years.  She is a student of Rinpoche’s and serves on the board of directors for the Yeru Bön Center.  She is a family physician who has been incorporating integrative holistic medicine into her medical practice in the Twin Cities for many years.   

Deborah Peteler.   Deborah has worked for years in the Western, Tibetan and Daoist medical paradigm, understanding the mind-body-spirit connection.  

A psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Deborah’s study and work with Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche for the past 23 years has given her a solid grounding in Bön and Tibetan spiritualism.  She has worked closely with Rinpoche to create a program for students to understand Tibetan spiritualism and help them incorporate the ancient spiritual and healing practice into their daily lives. 

Knowledge alone is not enough. Knowledge must be brought into our daily lives in order to make a true difference within our very being. 

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