July 5, 2019

Hello to everyone at Yeru Health and Wellness. I just have to say you all did a great job at the She Is retreat. Been watching different health and wellness videos on like Google or podcast for years, I came across this retreat and thought why not. 

I say this with an open heart, “Deborah Rocks.”  I left this retreat with so much inspiration and a realization of self-worth. But listen, it did not feel like I was being told what to do.  I realized by the end of the retreat Deborah had me believing in myself and what I wanted to do.   I just had to trust in me, and see and understand there is a difference from what I want or need in my life.  And go after what I know is best for me.  

Deborah, thank you. Thank you for helping me to see myself, teaching me how to really meditate and  for such a wonderful experience and for your continued support. 

I  continue to be in contact with the other attendees and we have formed a bond that is special. I have to say also, thank you for my new friendships. 

Shyanne R.


August 20, 2019

Hello Lady D. 

I felt I had to call you Lady D.    

I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family about my retreat with Yeru Health and Wellness. 

It was a blown away experience for me.    

I am feeling so amazing and it has been 6 months since I was at the retreat. 

My work is so productive, I am finally in a healthy relationship with a good and decent man.    I have moved forward and yes the healing is still happening, but I am no longer stuck in the mud of martyr pool. 

Oh,  I wanted to say, my meditation practice has been my lifeline, now a dedicated meditator.  

Thank you for sharing your gift.  It has changed my life. 

Thank you for your support. 

Tina H.

New York

January 8, 2018

Dearest Deborah, 

I wanted to let you know. I am no longer holding my breath. I am breathing and living a positive life. 

You touched my inner core so profoundly. Thank you for teaching me how to listen, how to forgive and how to know I am worthy of goodness in my life. 

Most, thank you for showing me I have the power inside of me. Thank you for helping me to realize my traumatic experience is not about learning a lesson from this experience. Rather, a terrible experience  that I just need to heal from. This changed me completely because I was searching for the lessen from my terrible experience and now, I now see the light of healing for me and it feels so much better. 

You are special and thank you for your compassion and wisdom.  Most thank you for that hug and Kleenexes during the retreat. It changed my life. What a gift you have given me. 

Tammy P 


July 20, 2019

Dear Deborah, 

It has been weeks since I met you at the Shi Is… Retreat.   

You know how you go on vacation and you return and it feels good, then life interferes and your vacation high is gone?  

I wanted you to know, I am still on my retreat High from the She Is Retreat. You tapped into me in such a profound way and showed me how special a human life is and got me to realize how to treasure my special human life.  

As a Corporate CEO of a large company, you can imagine the stress and sometimes devaluation of myself based on my work peers can be. But I am managing this so differently now and I am back on top of my game. 

Thank you,  

 Mary B