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Waiting to Exhale

Starting January 30th ending December 30, 2017

Learning about yourself and the life habits you can change has never been so simple.

Waiting to Exhale is realizing you have been stressed, sad, unhappy and functioning poorly in one or many parts of your life.  It’s like you’ve been holding your breath.

You have been waiting.  But for what?   You have been waiting to make the changes in your life that would bring peace and contentment.


Waiting to Exhale will bring you to realize, “Wow, I can make these changes to improve my life!  I can strengthen my family and personal life.   My professional life can bring financial stability.”

Waiting to Exhale is based on your own self-discovery. Waiting to Exhale asks you to look at all aspects of your life, and ask yourself, “Why are certain areas of my life not functioning?”   We believe when one area of your life is struggling, all areas of your life will struggle.   Once you know what your kryptonite is, you can improve all of the major points in your life.

You can do this!


How It Works

Waiting to Exhale is a twelve-month course.  Each month is dedicated to a different topic. The course includes lectures with great information, social media interaction, and a lot of fun!

Every week there will be:

  • A new live stream presentation with your coach online – Or if you are in the Minneapolis area, you can be a part of the presentation live.
  • Assignments to work on for the month.
  • Journaling to focus you and record your progress
  • Phone or skype conversations twice a month with your coach.

You will have access to the Waiting to Exhale online course, so you can work at your own speed

You will be a part of our Waiting to Exhale Facebook account.  This will be your Waiting To Exhale Community.  You can talk, share and learn from each other.


Topics Covered:

January  Self Awareness:  Discovering areas in your life in trouble or in need of help

February Your Kryptonite:  Anger, Attachment, Jealousy, Pride, Ignorance

March Stress:  Stress as an addiction, and the damage stress creates for your health and all areas of your life

April Habit Changes:  Changing your life’s picture.  Creating a new picture

May Abuse:  Abuse is abuse!  Self-Abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse

June Health:  Realizing all of the above can change your health drastically.   High blood pressure, diabetes, auto immune disorders, and more.  What is keeping your weight high?  I want to be physically fit and healthier.

July Family:   Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love

August Relationships: Now that you have discovered who you are, you will know what your needs are, what you are able to offer and how together another amazing life picture can be created.

September Finances: Your financial situation is a mirror of you.   Making the changes for financial stability.

October  Work: Communication, production, goals, knowledge and growth

November Giving Back:  There are many ways to give back. Giving back is a very healing part of your life, and makes a great difference.

December Celebration:  Twelve months of not just creating a picture, but a vivid, illuminating picture of your life.   You are ready to say “I am me, I am amazing and I want to share this with my family, friends and co-workers.   You are healthier, happier and have the tools to make changes in your life as you feel they are needed.

This Course is not religious based.


Who should register?

  • Anyone who is ready to make the needed changes in their lives for the better.
  • Anyone who is ready to bring out their best person. We can always be a better person.
  • Anyone who needs to release and learn how to manage stressors in their life for the better of their health, personal and family life.
  • Anyone who needs to make a positive change in their life.
  • Anyone who wants a healthier family, personal and work life
  • Anyone who wants to learn or enhance their ability to be open minded
  • Anyone who understands, our personalities and life are constantly changing. Change is hard, but through this course you will develop the skills to change with the times, creating less stress for yourself.
  • Anyone………



• Complete Course: $1200

• Early Registration: $1000 – Early Registration ends December 30, 2016.

• Monthly Payments: We are offering a monthly payment plan. Contact Yeru Health and Wellness at 952-300-6111. We would be happy to work this out for you.


Your Coach For This Course

Deborah Peteler, CLC, MFCC

Deborah Peteler has worked in the healing and transformative arts for over 30 years. A practicing nurse for 15 years, Deborah studied at UCLA Medical School, but family obligations dictated she could not finish her degree. A compassionate care-giver, Deborah provided in-home care for a terminally ill family member for five years. Deborah is a certified health, family and executive coach, and a family and child counselor, where her work focuses on stress management, pain management, and family and work environment.

Deborah has been a student of Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche for over 20 years. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Yeru Bon Center in Minneapolis, where she has been instrumental in developing new course offerings and teaching techniques for a modern American and European audience.

Deborah founded the Yeru Health and Wellness Center to fuse ancient Tibetan wisdom and spiritual practice with modern techniques in a non-religious format, to serve the needs of contemporary society. As a cancer survivor and through daily living with RA, Deborah has personally experienced the benefits of these Tibetan practices, and is passionate about bringing awareness of this wisdom to a wider audience.

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